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Serve the people of NYC by becoming a doctor through the CityDoctors Scholarship Program.

CityDoctors NYC Health + Hospitals is the visionary cooperative effort between NYC Health + Hospitals and St. George's University, Grenada, an international leader in medical education. The program is designed to attract and educate New York City's best and brightest to become doctors committed to serving the city's residents.

Each year, NYC Health + Hospitals will provide academic and needs-based full and partial tuition scholarships to attend St. George's University School of Medicine. As part of their scholarship and continued education, each student commits to giving back to the city by applying for a position as a primary care attending physician at one of NYC Health + Hospital's New York hospitals and diagnostic centers. If selected, the recipient will commit to employment with NYC Health + Hospitals for the amount of years the scholarships was provided.

Eligibility for the CityDoctors Scholarship Program

Full and partial scholarship recipients will be selected by NYC Health + Hospitals and awarded to eligible* incoming students accepted to St. George’s University School of Medicine Doctor of Medicine program in January:

  • *In order to qualify for the scholarship, applicant must be a first-time incoming SGU student, a US citizen or US Permanent Resident, and meet one or more of the following criteria:
    • Have had a permanent address within the five boroughs of The City of New York for five years or more.
    • Graduated from a high school within the City of New York.
    • Graduated from a College or University within the City of New York.
    •  Has a parent employed by the City of New York or NYC Health + Hospitals or is employed themselves by the City of New York or NYC Health + Hospitals for at least five years

Student’s Commitment & Expectations
In return for accepting the scholarship:

  • Student will commit to applying through the central office for a position as a primary care attending physician at one of the NYC Health + Hospital’s Corporation hospitals and diagnostic centers. It is up to the discretion of NYC Health + Hospitals to extend an offer of employment. If hired, student will commit to an attending position for the amount of years the scholarship was provided (four years for a full scholarship; two years for a half scholarship). If for some reason the student is unable to fulfill this commitment, the scholarship will revert to a loan to be paid back to NYC Health + Hospitals. Students will sign an agreement to the terms of the convertible loan when he or she accepts the scholarship.
  • Student must maintain the regular academic standards set forth by St. George’s School of Medicine.

Number of Scholarships Awarded Per Year
One full scholarship will be awarded through each affiliated hospital which takes ≥ 24 SGU students per year (there are currently 7 hospitals). Each hospital can break the scholarships up into half scholarships. The number of scholarships per year is subject to change.

Application Process & Selection
Eligible students can apply for this scholarship at any time during the admissions process.
The application will include:

  • An Essay. Each student is required to compose an essay on why they deserve this scholarship, how they plan to benefit the Healthcare System of The City of New York through their attending positions in primary care at an NYC Health + Hospitals affiliated hospital.
  • Financial Aid Information. Each student is required to fill out a FAFSA. Further documentation may be requested
  • Each student is required to sign a FERPA release form allowing St. George’s University to share academic and financial information with NYC Health + Hospitals.

The deadline to submit an application for this scholarship application is November 20th.

To Apply for a CityDoctors Scholarship

Download your application, complete in full, and follow the instructions below:

Download Application

1. Write an essay that explains your professional goals as a primary care physician and your commitment to post residency training at a NYC Health+ Hospital (H+H) affiliated hospital. Submit your essay on a separate sheet and enclose it with this application.

2. Complete all questions that apply to you. Failure to complete all questions will result in an incomplete status. If a scholarship application remains incomplete for 30 days the student will receive a denial letter.

3. All students applying for the HNYC Health + Hospitals Scholarship program must fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Further documentation may be requested.



Please note: Applications will not be processed until all requirements of the application have been fulfilled and the applicant has been accepted into the St. George's University School Doctor of Medicine program. For more information on the application process and requirements for admissions please visit