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Serve the people of the tri-state area by becoming a doctor through the CityDoctors Scholarship Program.

CityDoctors HackensackUMC Scholarships are available to residents of Bergen County, NJ and HackensackUMC’s employees and immediate family members of employees in good standing who have been accepted to begin their first year of medical education at St. George’s University School of Medicine, Grenada. Recipients of the scholarships will be awarded full or partial tuition applied toward their 4 years of medical school while enrolled at St. George’s School of Medicine.

Scholarship recipients will be chosen by HackensackUMC and awarded to eligible* students accepted to St. George’s University School of Medicine Doctor of Medicine program based on merit and/or financial need. Scholarship available to incoming students only.

Eligibility for the CityDoctors Scholarship Program

Eligibility Requirements
All eligible students must be able to provide documentation which supports that you meet either the Bergen County, NJ residency or HUMC employment criteria (i.e. pay stub, residency affidavit, copy of lease, etc.). They must also submit their letter of acceptance to St. George's University School of Medicine with their application.

Student’s Commitment & Expectations
In return for accepting the scholarship students must maintain the regular academic standards set forth by St. George’s University School of Medicine.

Selection Process
Eligible students can apply for this scholarship once they have been accepted into the St. George’s University School of Medicine MD program. Scholarship applications should be sent directly to the office of academic affairs at Hackensack UMC for processing and selection.

Please note that this scholarship program is generally very competitive. Unfortunately, awards cannot be made to every deserving student. Award determinations are based on: (1) Demonstrated academic excellence, (2) The applicant’s commitment to the special qualities associated with this program, and (3) The degree of financial need and the availability of funds from the school and other sources.

To Apply for a CityDoctors Scholarship

Download your application, complete in full, and follow the instructions below:

Download Application

1. Write an essay explaining why you are a good candidate for the CityDoctors Hackensack UMC scholarship program based on one or more of the following topics: (A) Outstanding academic achievement, (B) Community Work, (C) Leadership roles, (D) Financial hardship. Essays should be approximately 500 words, submitted on a separate sheet and enclosed with this application.

2. Complete all questions/fields listed on page 1 and 2.

3. Include the following items with this application:

  1. Documentation which supports that you meet either the Bergen County, NJ residency or HUMC employment criteria (i.e. pay stub, residency affidavit, copy of lease, etc.).
  2. A copy of your St. George’s University School of Medicine acceptance letter.
  3. A copy of college transcripts and academic achievements. Please feel free to include copies of awards, abstracts etc.

Email applications as a pdf attachment to Lori Black at

Application Deadlines and Award Notification
CityDoctor New Jersey Hackensack UMC Scholarships will only be awarded for January Terms. Applications will receive either an award letter or a letter of declination in a timely manner.

DEADLINES: November 20 for class commencing in January*
Late applications will be reviewed until award recipients are granted. No application will be accepted later than the first day of classes.
*These scholarships are only offered in January.

Please note: Applications will not be processed until all requirements of the application have been fulfilled and the applicant has been accepted into the St. George's University School Doctor of Medicine program. For more information on the application process and requirements for admissions please visit


If you have any questions please contact
Hackensack University Medical Center
Office of Academic Affairs
Lori Black
360 Essex Street, Suite 402
Hackensack, NJ 07601
P (551) 996-2016
F (551) 996-0858